For nearly a decade, we have been evaluating the evidence for the use of probiotic supplements to treat common disorders and illnesses. From this project, we have created “The Clinical Guide to Probiotic Supplements”. This evidence-based tool is aimed at helping healthcare providers in prescribing probiotic supplements to their patients. It is available in print, through the App Store or Google Play store, or you can find us at www.probioticchart.ca (products available in Canada) or www.usprobioticguide.com (products available in USA). 


With a skilled team of developers, BH Soft Inc. is well equipped for any given project. Proven efficiency with data migration. Experts in database and software development, specializing in SQL, Java, C and many other programming languages. In addition to software implementation on both small and large scale applications. Let the team here at BH Soft Inc. take care of your next software project.

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Health Consultancy

With a background in pharmacy and nutraceuticals, we also provide health consultancy services involving lectures, webinars, or workshops on various topics in the Canadian healthcare system. Previously, such services involved natural health products, women’s health initiatives, palliative care, chronic disease management, and mindfulness-based stress reduction.  

Medical Writing

As with all our services, we take a methodical, evidence-based approach to your medical writing needs. From short advertorials to articles destined to be published in peer-reviewed science journals, we take a collaborative approach to translate the client’s vision into an impactful piece of writing.