Probiotic Chart

Our yearly update of probiotic chart follows rigorous review of evidence based facts for all probiotic products. Together with our world renown experts in probiotics, we strive for objective and factual presentation of scientific evidence in a form of easily understandable tools for health care professionals.
Probiotic Chart

Awards & Accolades

The Probiotic Chart has been presented on several worldwide recognized conferences and symposiums. It has been awarded "The Scientific Frontier Award" at Probiota 2015 Conference in Amsterdam.
As a poster presentation the Probiotic Chart has been presented at numerous conferences, some of which include: Probio 2015 in Montreal, Probiota Americas 2015 in San Diego, 15th Annual World Congress on Menopause in Prague, Czech Republic, NAMS 2016 Conference in Orlando, FL.
Health Consultancy

Programs & Presentation

Our leader in health consulting, Dragana Skokovic-Sunjic, has long history of providing factual and engaging presentation topics including: natural health products and supplements, probiotics, women's health and mindfulness based stress reduction for health care professionals. Dragana is regular presenter at Primary Care conference in Toronto attracting ever growing audience.