Our Story

Innovation, Collaboration, Education
We are small team with diverse and unique skills, working together in various fields with the same goal – to be innovative and bring something different to our audience. Whether it is software development, health or medial consultancy, we ask for highest level of collaboration from all involved. Our approach also includes collaboration with the leading experts in field of probiotics.

Meet the Team

Franjo Sunjic

Founder & CEO

Franjo has vast experience in software development with his niche being database development. Franjo was leading a number of high volume data migrations and software implementation worldwide. His broad expertise and ability to fill into multiple roles was invaluable in tight deadlines and late night ‘go live’ situations. If you need help with the data migration, contact Franjo at

Dragana Skokovic-Sunjic

Vice President

Dragana has been working on the "Clinical Guide to Probiotic Supplements in Canada" since 2008. She specializes in Women's Health, Herbal Supplements, and Vitamins and Dietary Supplements in addition to her focus on probiotics. Dragana has been giving presentations and providing education on these topics for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, other healthcare professionals, and also for the general public. For more information, contact Dragana directly at

Ivana Sunjic

Clinical Informatics Lead

Ivana works tirelessly as our technical writer, medical editor, and health collaborator, working closely with Dragana on the Probiotic Chart. Currently working on a certification in Health Informatics, Ivana is a voracious learner and is keen on engaging in diverse collaborative opportunities. You can contact Ivana at

Rebecca Johnson

Communication Coordinator 

Rebecca is prospective PhD candidate in Art History and Communication Studies. She is in active researcher and works to present her studies at various conferences. Rebecca is responsible for French translations and correspondence. Rebecca can be contacted at

Anthony Sunjic

Web Designer

Anthony is currently enrolled at Athabasca University's Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems. His area of interest is web design, new software technologies, and IT solutions. Anthony is avid enthusiast in classic car restoration. If you want to contact Anthony for any of his interests, his email address is

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